Rcom Ex-suro eco brooder has manual temp easy to clean and operate- 120V
Part Number EX-Suro
UPC Ex-suro-brooder
Category Rcom Bird Brooders
Brand 110V to 120Volt 60Hz
Electrical Cord Plug proper for your area
Electrical Frequency 110V-120V 60H North America
Product Specs 
Warranty 2 years. Returned Shipping cost at owner expense. assumes no responsibility for losses or damage from their equipment other than replacement of defective parts. No guarantee on hatchablilty of eggs. Do not expose electrical parts to water.
Condition NEW
ISBN No Rcom ex suro brooder-120V

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Rcom ex-gsuro eco bird and poultry brooder (Rcom exsuro) has manual temp-120V

The Rcom ex suro brooder bird and poultry brooder (Rcom ex-suro brooder) allows you to manually program the temperature with a screwdriver (Provided) -120V.

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 Power: 110-120V 60H Cord for USA, Canada and Mexico

Rcom ex suro bird and poultry brooder (rcom exsuro) main features:

  • Luxury design with egg-shaped theme.
  • User manually adjust the temperature. Once the temperature is adjusted, then it maintain it
  • Use distilled water only.
  • Minimizes bacteria by not using any interior material and by using hygienic duplicated insulation structure (bottom-egg tray).
  • Rcom bird bird and poultry brooder kingsuro eco capacity of 10 to 15 chicks, 7 to 10 duck chicks, 7 to 10 Turkey chicks, 25 to 30 Pheasant chicks or 30 to 40 quail chicks . The capacity decreases as chicks grow.
  • Strong SMPS featured power supply.
  • Thick wide double-glazed viewing window allows observation of eggs while minimizing temperature and humidity variations.
  • Optimal air circulation technique with strong BLDC fans that does not allow the air from the fan to directly touch the eggs.
  • Variable air control lever.
  • Sturdy plastic construction that is easy to clean, disassemble, assemble, with easy access to incubation area.
  • Absolutely pleasant design.
  • Please, use distilled water only with the Rcom incubator ex suro eco to avoid accumulation of mineral deposits in the humidifier.
  • The items you will receive include the brooder, screwdriver, thermometer, plastic floor mesh pads, instruction manual and electrical cable.